Finding members an edge

Employ Connect introduces talent acquisition and HR leaders to peers who are excited about trading best practices learned from having built successful programs and organizations.

Talent Acquisition is Mission Critical

Behind every great company is a team of hard-working leaders who design and execute programs that enable their companies to hire and retain top talent at each step of their companies’ journeys.

Increased Confidence in Decisions

Too often it is difficult for talent acquisition leaders to meet peers operating in similar environments and facing similar pressures.

Collaborate to Build Better

Accelerate problem solving, develop meaningful relationships with peers, and discover mentorship opportunities for the next generation of talent acquisition leaders.


It can be difficult to break the pattern of thinking that obstructs people in competitive spaces from collaborating.  


We know from the open source world that working transparently often leads to better solutions than a single company or team could develop on its own. We created a place for our members where this is happening.